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About Me: sheshu picSheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu)

I have spent 16 years at Oracle India from 1998 through May 2014 and held positions within sales & operations. Most recently, I was the Vice President of the Technology Business Unit for the India region, and, over the years, have been responsible for selling and licensing almost all of Oracle’s multiple product lines. My combination of technical and licensing skills were unique – was essentially the last word in licensing during most part of the last ten years in Oracle India. I have also contributed to a large number of licensing and contracting developments within Oracle.

I have recently turned entrepreneur to set up an organisation focusing on education, advisory and software development in the area of IT Asset Management. The major focus will be on managing the licensing, optimization and compliance of software assets. We are working on developing an enterprise class application to visualize and negotiate IT contracts.
Am an engineer with additional qualifications in Finance & Economics with a certification in software asset management.



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