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Oracle Audit Thermometer : Will you be audited?


Answer a YES or a NO to each of the questions below. Then tally the numbers to check your Oracle Audit Temperature.   Have you undergone a hardware consolidation or infrastructure modernisation in the last 18 months? Are you using virtualisation software  such as VMware in your Oracle data centres? Do you have multiple production clones, staging areas and  other ... Read More »

A change in the Oracle LMS process ?


Change seems to be in the air – and this will increase pressure on customers Oracle licensing and LMS audits have a reputation for being confusing, confrontational, and costly.  Unfortunately, the process might be getting even worse. There is a new troubling trend, according to Palisade. Historically, Oracle, like many software vendors, issued a preliminary audit report before issuing the ... Read More »

Software License Management in the era of Cloud Computing

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Is cloud going to kill the necessity for Software Asset Management? Well, cloud computing is definitely going to change the playfield for Software Asset Management (SAM). But instead of killing the necessity it rather provides more opportunities. Software Asset Management is all about the interaction between technology, policies and humans. This interaction stays the same, despite the fact that with ... Read More »

Software Removal post Internal License Audit


Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu) Removal of Software is one of the most important processes to be followed once you complete an internal audit of software deployed across the enterprise. Why is Software Removal Important ? Decreased Compliance Risks – fewer installations means lesser contracts to manage. Increased Security – fewer installations means decreased number of holes to plug in protecting data ... Read More »

Oracle Using Legal Pressure to Increase Cloud Sales


As a license management consultant, we are coming across Oracle aggressively pushing their cloud products in lieu of discounts on their traditional software. Interestingly this is not reducing overall cost for the customer – in fact in many cases it is increasing the risk and costs. Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu) There is a very interesting article in Forbes magazine that gives ... Read More »

Cloud Cost Shocker : Read the fine print


The use case for archiving data to the cloud is you never need to read it again !!!!!! Last week, a chap named Mario Karpinnen took to Medium with a tale of how downloading 60GB of data from Amazon Web Services’ archive-grade Glacier service cost him a whopping US$158. Karpinnen went into the fine print of Glacier pricing and found ... Read More »

Oracle sued by Mars chocolate for audit activity ?

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Mars, the US confectionery company that made revenues of $33bn in 2014, filed a court action against Oracle in October last year, which showed just how far the software vendor would go to ensure it makes money through its much-criticised software licensing audit practices. Mars wanted the Superior Court of California County of San Francisco to order Oracle to limit its ... Read More »

Dangers of Oracle 12c Standard Edition 2 Licensing


 By Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu)   Oracle, in its latest version of their flagship database product, has come up with only two editions: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition; and Oracle Standard Edition 2  (Oracle SE2). So what ? Well, the catch is in the licensing and migration: Oracle SE2 will be the replacement for Oracle Standard Edition and also for Oracle Standard ... Read More »

CIO Klub Chennai Hosts Seminar on Software License Management


The Chennai Chapter of the CIO Klub hosted a seminar on Software License Management on Oct 29th 2015 co-sponsored by Rythium Technologies. The seminar was a huge success with attendance by 56 CIOs / CTOs from 51 Chennai based companies. Some comments: “Nice event where it was so unique that the session was with full of interactions. Entire audience were ... Read More »

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing a MS Enterprise Agreement

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It’s no secret that Microsoft is a hotbed of change right now. As the company transitions from a traditional software provider to a device and services company, the impacts can be felt in virtually every aspect of its business, including the Enterprise Agreement (EA) renewal process. Those customers that anticipate a run-of-the-mill EA renewal in the coming year will find ... Read More »