Contract management

Five Steps To Compliance : Some Tips

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IT budgets are not increasing by much. When you want to innovate the last thing needed is a sudden ask for additional cash by a software publisher because of not complying with some clauses of their license agreement. This is an old article, but a great one giving useful tips on negotiating a software contract.   Five Steps to Compliance: ... Read More »

5 things about cloud downtime

The Cloud paradigm

Downtime on the cloud can be more daunting than on-premise. You have no control. And, unfortunately, most of the time you have no recourse to being awarded damages. The following article gives you tips on the importance of planning for downtime, the importance of signing the rightly negotiated contracts. It also describes some notorious instances of downtime.   5 Things ... Read More »

Post Award, Visibility is key in Contract Management

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By Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu) There is debate on the terminology but essentially, Contract Life-cycle Management can be dissected into two main processes as follows: Pre-Award – As the name implies, pre-award processes are all those activities that are undertaken before any contract is awarded. These processes typically take the longest time to transform and are vital to completing the full ... Read More »

Five Things that can go wrong without IT Contract Management

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By Matt Shanklin Businesses of every size are parties to numerous types of contracts, from software contracts to landscaping contracts. Keeping up with contracts is, frankly, boring work. Thankfully, you can now use IT contract management to do the heavy lifting and keep up with every kind of contract your business is a party to.   For small start-ups in ... Read More »