License Compliance

A change in the Oracle LMS process ?


Change seems to be in the air – and this will increase pressure on customers Oracle licensing and LMS audits have a reputation for being confusing, confrontational, and costly.  Unfortunately, the process might be getting even worse. There is a new troubling trend, according to Palisade. Historically, Oracle, like many software vendors, issued a preliminary audit report before issuing the ... Read More »

Adobe hits Forever 21 with suit over pirated Photoshop


 (news item has appeared in multiple publications, published here through WordPress share, link to original at bottom of post)  Adobe has take popular clothing store Forever 21 to court, claiming they have pirated Photoshop. The software company states that the store pirated 63 different instances of Adobe software products, including Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator.  The suit that was filed in ... Read More »

Dealing With Next Software Renewal Call from MS, Oracle, SAP, IBM

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IT departments are being subjected to ruthless tactics by software sales teams when they renegotiate contracts with the big four suppliers – but the CIO can fight back. by Cliff Saran (link to original article at end of this post, published here through WordPress share) IT departments are being subjected to ruthless tactics by software sales teams when they renegotiate ... Read More »

Union Hospital Sues Attachmate Seeking a Declaration of Non-Infringement


You never expected this in an audit. Union Hospital Sues Attachmate Seeking a Declaration of Non-Infringement (link to original article at the end of the post, published here through WordPress Share) Copyright attorneys for Union Hospital, Inc. of Terre Haute, Indiana filed an Indiana copyright lawsuit against Attachmate Corporation of Seattle, Washington in the Southern District of Indiana asking the court to declare that Union Hospital ... Read More »

Case Study : Simplify your Licensing – And pay 90% more

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Simplified SAP licensing can mean paying upto 93% more. This article gives us a couple of good case studies simplified licensing and user ratios. Better practices can reduce costs. Of course this will mean that you have to be more disciplined in license and contract management.   SAP Agreements: A Gold Mine of Savings Opportunities by Steven Zolman (Link to original ... Read More »

Traps to Watch For When Moving to Office 365


There are both benefits and challenges of moving to Office 365. Secondly, MS is pushing all its customers to move to Office365. Beware of the licensing pitfalls.   Traps to watch out for when moving to Office 365 by Angus Kidman (link to original article at the end of this post) With Office 365, Microsoft is pushing all its customers ... Read More »

11 Software Audit Best Practices

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It is important to prepare in case a software vendor sends you an email or letter asking for an audit. Not being prepared ends up in loss of money and takes away time from productive work. This article gives you 11 very useful best practices on how to prepare for an audit.   Software Audit Alert: Be Prepared with 11 ... Read More »

Microsoft License Mobility & Limitations

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  Microsoft License Mobility & Limitations By Scott Rosenberg, Miro Consulting (link to original post at end of this article. Posted here through WordPress share)   What is License Mobility? License Mobility refers to the ability to move virtual instances from host to host and between server farms without the constraints of Microsoft’s license reassignment rule. Microsoft restricts reassigning a ... Read More »

Five Steps To Compliance : Some Tips

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IT budgets are not increasing by much. When you want to innovate the last thing needed is a sudden ask for additional cash by a software publisher because of not complying with some clauses of their license agreement. This is an old article, but a great one giving useful tips on negotiating a software contract.   Five Steps to Compliance: ... Read More »

10 Ridiculous EULA clauses

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The iTunes EULA has a clause prohibiting creation of nuclear weapons, Microchip wants to audit you at 3am and Google had stated in its initial Chrome EULA that they could publicly display any of your data …… Read on to get a view of some serious and some hilarious EULA clause that are out there in the marketplace….   10 ... Read More »