Flaws in Contract Management

Contract Word Cloud

Contract Management Flaws that are Submarining your Business (from, link to original article at the end of the post) Whether companies realize it or not, Legal is at the crux of everything your company does, from compliance risk to payment agreements to customer relationships. Yet most companies are under performing when it comes to contract management, causing a tremendous amount ... Read More »

IBM Licensing Jargon


Understand a few of the most important IBM licensing metrics and jargon. The challenge is applying IBM’s licensing theory in the real world.   IBM licensing: The acronyms start with the name and get progressively more complex by Ruben Claes (link to original post at end of article. Reproduced here through WordPress share) Software licensing jargon used by the different ... Read More »

IBM-Oracle : Similarities in CPU based licensing


Similarities between Oracle and IBM CPU-based licensing By Sharon Trembley, Miro Consulting Blogs (link to original post at the end of this article, posted here through WordPress share) IBM earnings missed their quarter.  IBM’s CEO, Virginia Rometty, had an internal IBM session asking employees to ‘step up’ and ‘work faster’.  I read about it online from theWall Street Journal.  I’m puzzled, ... Read More »

Software asset management is key to datacentre planning


An ordered approach to managing software and hardware assets is essential to maximising your datacentre. By Rory Canavan (link to original article at the end of the post) An ordered approach to managing software and hardware assets is essential to maximising your datacentre. We are all too aware that businesses typically view IT as a utility, and should therefore be ... Read More »

Microsoft to audit 30,000 companies by 2014 – in the US alone


This is slightly older news before the new management at Microsoft took over. But still worth a read. Have you received your audit letter from Microsoft yet? It may not be called that—it will go by a much friendlier name, such as a free Software Asset Management (SAM) engagement, cloud-readiness assessment, True-Up tech-check or similar innocuously-named, friendly-sounding assistance. But make no mistake. You’re ... Read More »

Five Things that can go wrong without IT Contract Management

Business Concept. Terms and Conditions Waymark.

By Matt Shanklin Businesses of every size are parties to numerous types of contracts, from software contracts to landscaping contracts. Keeping up with contracts is, frankly, boring work. Thankfully, you can now use IT contract management to do the heavy lifting and keep up with every kind of contract your business is a party to.   For small start-ups in ... Read More »