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Software Removal post Internal License Audit


Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu) Removal of Software is one of the most important processes to be followed once you complete an internal audit of software deployed across the enterprise. Why is Software Removal Important ? Decreased Compliance Risks – fewer installations means lesser contracts to manage. Increased Security – fewer installations means decreased number of holes to plug in protecting data ... Read More »

Optimize SAP Licensing by Using Workflows

sap luv license plate

Saving money on SAP licenses requires having the right license metric for specific users. Wouldn’t it be better if this is done in a proactive manner rather than reconciling authorizations at the end of a period ? Without minimizing the importance of the latter process, given below is an excellent process that can be followed by instituting a ‘user creation ... Read More »

4 Misconceptions Of Software Audits

Myth Reality

One of the best articles I have read on misconceptions end-users have on vendor audits. As the author says – The results of this survey may surprise you. Four Misconceptions About Software Audits by Debra Brandt (link to original article at the end of the post, published here through WordPress Share) Software audits are a fact of life. Even companies ... Read More »

Horror Stories from the IT Service Desk

Secured Cloud Computing

The forgotten password, the ridiculous support requests, frantic angry customer calls after marketing puts out a wrong offer. Read on to savor some of the worst horror stories from the IT Service Desk. This article is both entertaining and informative. Horror Stories from the IT Service Desk by Matt Shanklin (link to original post at the end of this article. ... Read More »