CIO Klub Chennai Hosts Seminar on Software License Management

The Chennai Chapter of the CIO Klub hosted a seminar on Software License Management on Oct 29th 2015 co-sponsored by Rythium Technologies.

The seminar was a huge success with attendance by 56 CIOs / CTOs from 51 Chennai based companies. Some comments:

“Nice event where it was so unique that the session was with full of interactions. Entire audience were the panel members !!. From Chennai Council, I thank Rythium team for making this session lively and clarifying the doubts from our CIO Klub  members. As there are more grey areas in licensing, this session was useful clear our doubts. You may do similar such events to other chapters for mutual benefit” - V. Sendil Kumar, VP-IT, Shriram Value Services Ltd. DSC_0286

The energy of the participants was fabulous. It was a pleasure to answer questions and clarify licensing doubts. It was also very clear that licensing challenges remain a major concern for CIOs across all types and sizes of organisations. - Sheshagiri Anegondi, CEO, Rythium Technologies.

A few comments that were heard at the seminar:

  • The time was too short – we should have a half day seminar on this subject with these speakers.
  • Call the speakers for a non-sponsored event.

Click here to see pictures from the CIO Klub Event




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