Dangers of Oracle 12c Standard Edition 2 Licensing

 By Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu)


Oracle, in its latest version of their flagship database product, has come up with only two editions:

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition; and
  • Oracle Standard Edition 2  (Oracle SE2).

So what ?

Well, the catch is in the licensing and migration:

  • Oracle SE2 will be the replacement for Oracle Standard Edition and also for Oracle Standard Edition One.
  • Oracle SE2 can be licensed for servers with a max of 2 sockets.

From a recent experience, a customer used the knowledge and the impact assessment to their benefit in more ways than they could imagine saving a lot of money and mitigating future risks.

Be careful while migrating. Get help from licensing experts before you do your next deal with Oracle.


About The Author

Sheshagiri has 23 years of experience in the India IT industry with the longest stint Oracle Corporation where he worked for nearly 16 years – the last assignment being Vice President of the Technology Business Unit in India. Sheshagiri is arguably amongst the best in software license contracting in India. He can be reached at sheshu@rythium.com



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