Entitlement & Contract Management helps reduce software costs

Traditional methods of software asset management are not exactly the best when you want to both remain compliant and reduce costs. Traditional methods can make you compliant by true ups and paying additional fees to software publishers. A more proactive approach is required if you want to reduce expenses and still remain compliant. The right way to do it is manage entitlements and contracts. The quoted article gives you a good model to establish best practices and processes in your organisation.

– Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu)


Entitlement & Contract Management helps reduce software costs

by John Tomeny      (Link to original long article at the bottom of this post.)

A summary of a proactive model is given below. You must start with the goal of cost reduction and compliance – in that order.

  1. Audit deployed software & measure usage
  2. Record proofs of ownership & create Active Management Policies
  3. Reconcile policy management with purchased entitlements
       – Our goals at Step #3 are compliance, license optimization, and cost reduction
  4. Adjust deployment & licensing levels to meet demand
  5. Reconcile installed software inventory with purchased entitlements
  6. Establish corporate culture & guidelines
  7. Manage ongoing compliance and cost reduction


link to original article : http://www.sassafras.com/license-optimization-software-cost-reduction/

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