SAP : 10 Answers your CFO and CIO need

These are the answers your CFO and CIO need. Lack of transparency is a burden.

10 Questions You Need to Ask About Your SAP Install

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A detailed understanding of the SAP licensed user/usage metrics is critical for any SAP Administrator. The challenge, in our opinion, is that SAP does NOT provide a way in which a conscientious administrator can actually answer the very important question about their SAP utilization, efficiency and effectiveness.Word Cloud - Asset Management

Candidly, the lack of transparency is a burden for SAP Administrators. CFO’s and CIO’s want the following questions answered:

  • How many SAP systems are we currently running across the enterprise including our test systems?
  •  How many SAP users have not logged into SAP in the past 6 months? 12 months? Are these users licenses valid?
  • Of the licensed users that have not logged in during the past year, how many have Professional license types? How many have Developer license types?
  • How many of our employees have more than one SAP named user license? Why do they have multiple licenses assigned to them?
  • How many of our former employees still have valid SAP user licenses? How much is this costing us each year?
  • How many of our licensed SAP users qualify, based on their past 6 to 12 months of actual usage, for an Employee Self Service (ESS) license?
  • How many SAP engines are deployed across our SAP deployment? Who is accessing and using these engines?
  • Which SAP modules are used the most and least?
  • Are we in compliance with the SAP indirect access obligations? Is everyone accessing SAP from our Salesforce or Workday system, or any of our portals already equipped with an adequate SAP license? If not, what is the cost of this coming up?
  • What department uses the most SAP resources? How should we best allocate the annual SAP costs factoring in actual resource usage?



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